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Our beloved Grandmaster Yip Chi Sum (葉志森大師) passed away on Feb 12, 2014, in Hong Kong.


Grandmaster Yip was taught Bak Mei by his great friend and mentor Grandmaster Kwok Chi Cheung in Guangzhou, China. He later fled to Hong Kong during China's revolution and continued to teach Bak Mei while practicing Chinese bone medicine. His healing hands were a godsend to so many in the community in Hong Kong and in Vancouver.


Grandmaster Yip has been our inspiration to be better, smarter, more adaptable and flexible as human beings. His deep wisdom, knowledge, and practice of ancient medicine and philosophies has not been known or experienced by many, but is a great loss to us all.

The photos are of Grandmaster Yip Chi Sum (葉志森大師) from the 1960s to 2010.

The 1970s photos are of the Bak Mei Kung Fu Association (白眉國術會) on Powell Street in Vancouver's Chinatown in 1973 where Grandmaster Yip Chi Sum and Sifu Wilkie Wu taught Bak Mei.

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