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Photo credits: Mr. Leung, Michael Wong, Michael Chu


Bak Mei, also known as 白眉, Pak Mei, Bai Mei, or White Eyebrow, is a southern style of kung fu that emphasizes a strong foundation with explosive movements that combine offence and defence.


Our lineage is from the 4th generation disciple Cheung Lai Chuen 張禮泉, which passed down to our Great-Grandmaster Kwok Chi Cheung 郭織昌 (5th), Grandmaster Yip Chi Sum 葉志森 (6th), and to our Master Wilkie Wu 胡偉坤​​ (7th generation).




Bak Mei has been in Vancouver since the early 1970s, when the Bak Mei Kung Fu Association was established by Yip Chi Sum and Wilkie Wu. There is a small but dedicated group of disciples who have continued to practice this lesser-known art, and perform Bak Mei and Lion Dance during competitions, martial arts social gatherings, and festivals.


If you are interested in joining Bak Mei Vancouver, please contact Sifu Wilkie Wu at 604-351-8772 or send us a message. We welcome people of all ages and experience levels to our practice sessions but potential students must be of good moral character.




Bak Mei Kung Fu Vancouver

Located : 416 Columbia St, Vancouver, BC

Phone : (604) 351-8772


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