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Bak Mei Kung Fu came to Vancouver in 1972, when Grandmaster Yip Chi Sum and Master Wilkie Wu established the first club in the Ming Sun building on the outskirts of Vancouver's Chinatown in the working-class neighbourhood of the Downtown Eastside.

From the early 2000s, we practiced in East Vancouver and out of the Gee How Oak Tin family association's athletic club. We are currently located in the Yin Ping Association building in the heart of Vancouver's Chinatown. We have four generations of Bak Mei disciples from the Cheung Lai Chuen lineage that have trained in our club.

Sifu Wilkie Wu, 1973
Bak Mei Disciple
"Orange Cars" by George Herzog
Practice with Grandmaster Yip
Grandmaster Yip
Bak Mei Disciples, 1973

Below: Grandmaster Yip Chi Sum (centre) and Bak Mei disciples in Oppenheimer Park, 1973

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