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On behalf of all of us at Bak Mei Vancouver and the Yin Ping Athletic Association, we'd like to wish you all a happy and healthy Year of the Rat! Gung Hey Fat Choy! 身體健康, 豬籠入水, 平安如意!


Jan 25, 11:00am - Grand Villa Casino

Jan 25, 11:00am - Hen Long Market, Surrey

Jan 25, 1:00pm - Cascades Casino, Langley

Jan 25, 2:30pm - Holt Renfrew, Vancouver

Jan 25, 3:00pm - Starlight Casino, New West

Jan 25, 7:30pm - Elements Casino, Cloverdale

Jan 26, 11:00am - Chinatown CNY Parade

Jan 31, 6:00pm - Lu He Association, Richmond

Feb 1, 9:00am  - Holt Renfrew private event

Feb 1, 10:00am - Yin Ping Choi Cheng (lettuce) ceremonies, various locations

Feb 2, 11:00am  - Lumbini Vietnamese Buddhist Temple, Surrey

Apr 24-27, Kung Fu Tournament, Foshan 佛山, China

May 20, Dennis' friends' wedding, Kirin Restaurant, New Westminster

Performers, please indicate your availability to Sifu or an Instructor ASAP


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